Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Mid Week Musings

What a storm last night!  I'm so glad my chores take me outside where I was treated to an incredible light show.  One half of the sky to the south was clear with bright twinkly stars.  The other half to the north was covered with clouds that were illuminated every couple of seconds with lightning strikes.  It was something like that Close Encounters of the Third Kind movie where the aliens were approaching.  I was transfixed by the show - nature's Imax at it's best.  The field to the east was covered with fireflies and their lovely yellow lamps flittering about.  I stayed out for a while then brought Knut inside.  Finn had already refused to leave the barn.  My dogs hate thunderstorms and I don't blame them.  If the sheep are in the barn the White Boys might as well be, too.  The rain and wind started up and the deluge began.  The electric power flickered on and off and the satellite TV went out.   My upper field grass is growing nicely with all this rain.  Have to call Julia to put me on the schedule for hay.  With all the excitement Scarlett and Sue Ellen decided to sleep late this morning.  Not me, I was on the road after morning chores as usual.   Matt is still down with his foot.  It's not improving very much and causing him a lot of pain.  They must have scraped that infection out good.  I need him to get on the tractor and mow down the thistles that are attempting to take over the lower field.  My spoiled rotten goats prefer the short sweet grasses.  School is still on for another week after this.  I have a week off then summer school.  My summers for the last ten years have been devoted to my grandchildren, but they are growing up and have a busy life with the Pine Tree Council in Maine.  Hannah is working on the camp staff and Luke is attending camp.  I'm hoping Luke will come for a visit but I'm sure Hannah won't.  The farm is very low speed and not very appealing for a sixteen year old girl.  Life is flying by at the speed of sound.  Thankful for my farm and all these little ones to love.

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