Sunday, June 08, 2014


I had to take down their pen yesterday for shearing the sheep.  Sue Ellen and Scarlett pretty much have the run of the farm anyway.  They go exactly where they want to go because they can.  No pen can keep them in at 400 pounds or so each.  Luckily, they love where they live and stick around the barnyard pretty much, except for walks to their wallows by the hawthorne grove halfway up the hill.  During the shearing, while we all had our duties and were working hard, the girls would show up and walk through the room.  They were very mellow, unless we tried to shoo them out.  We figured we'd be better off if we let them alone and go where they wanted to go.  Good girls, they found a cool spot next to the milk room door to lie down and take a long nap.  We let sleeping pigs lie.

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