Saturday, June 21, 2014

Beautiful Day

Don't quite know where to start but the Multatelli French Roast is helping already.   I can't go to the farmer's market even though the weather is spectacular today.  My truck is parked in the lot of the Bassett Hospital in Cooperstown with all my goods.  Matt told me to take his little Saturn to work yesterday to save gas, then realized he was in trouble and took himself to the surgical clinic.  They wisely admitted him.  Now I have to go to the Louis Gale Feed Mill and fill the little car up with 100 pound feed sacks.  The biggest problem will be getting them home and up the steps into the milk room.  Last week Kim was here to help me.  Big, strong Dutch girl, she's great to have around when things get physical.  I'll figure it out.  I'm just not as strong as I used to be.  Wonder when that happened?  I'm very worried about Thor, who is acting like his rear end hurts.  He is eating and wagging his tail, but whining when he gets up.  I think he was whacked by the pigs.  I have reason to think that as I got a good whack myself yesterday as one was running past me.    I think the girls are in heat.   Kyra Toful, the breeder in New Berlin, told me the signs and the girls have them.  Feisty rambunctiousness plus swelling in a certain area.  Would love to breed them but spouse is not on board with that and my focus is sheep and wool.   I'm very grateful to Mary and Robert, shepherds across the creek, for coming to help me get them to Miss Tammy on Monday.  I dreaded this day but I knew it was coming and now it's past time.  I'll share the hefty bounty with them for helping me, along with lemongrass soap, which Mary loves.   Time to get dressed and get out there.  Never know what I'm going to find.  Have to find that tractor inner tube so I can float on the pond and "ponder" all this.

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