Sunday, June 08, 2014

Nailed It!

Wednesday night while I was trying to tidy up here our living area my canning rack slid into the middle of the room.  I had served spouse his dinner as I always do and gone to work in the barn.  I did not know this until the next morning, but he had walked across the room to bring his plate back to the kitchen and stepped firmly on the canning rack.  I cannot quite picture this as it seem to me that it would hit his boot and skid away, but no such luck.  He stepped squarely on a blunt tipped prong sticking up from the circles where you secure the jars.  I had been putting up rhubarb the week before.  He went to work and came home, aching and limping.  By Friday his foot had swollen grotesquely and he was really in a lot of pain.  I knew something was seriously wrong and took him to Bassett Hospital in Cooperstown.  They took him right in and gave him oral meds.  They took an ex-ray to make sure no debris had pushed up into the foot.  He was sent home with prescriptions, no pain meds, just antiobiotics,  and a warning to come back if it got worse.  I was dealing with company and shearing, and had things to do.  Saturday night and the swelling was no better, even worse, and the pain was ridiculous.  He took himself back to the hospital where he is now admitted and the IV drugs they should have given him on Friday administered.  Not happy with Bassett Hospital in Cooperstown.

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