Tuesday, June 03, 2014


Summer is here.  I wanted to shuck my clothes and wade into the pond with the dogs.  Only someone with a powerful telescope could see me from across the valley.  But I didn't.  I didn't have anything to float on and the thought of mama snapper lying in the mud on the bottom of the pond was at the back of my mind.  Will have to find a truck tire tube for me and Izzy to recline on.  Heaven.  The spring fed pond is cool and clean until the worst dog days of August, and, even then, the pond is cleaner than most.  Oh, I do love the cool weather but we need the heat of summer to grow the hay that gets us through the winter and grows the lovely wool I adore.  Like this beautiful run of my Bluefaced Leicester, combined with some NY State Romney I picked up at Rhinebeck last fall, and my mohair.  The mohair lends strength to the soft wool and makes it perfect for sock yarn.  Don't you hate it when the heels wear out?  Not with this yarn.  I thought I would post it before I take it to Bouckville.  Available at www.bundaflicka.etsy.com.

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