Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Baby Ducks!

Spouse came home from the hospital yesterday and found a tiny baby duckling in the barnyard, standing under great big Thor, one of the White Boys.  It wandered away from the nest in the hay mow where I think Mama Duck is trying to hatch the remaining eggs.  The fuzzy yellow darling was waiting for me in a bucket when I came home from my eye appointment after work.  I returned it to the nest where Mama obviously had some other hatchlings squirming under her.  I'm thrilled about my baby ducks.  They are cheering me up after the loss of my Scarlett and Sue Ellen, who are in Pig Heaven right now, enjoying the green fields and cool wallows they had here on the farm.  I'm looking forward to my next pair of piggies and have Kyra Toful on line for more.   Last summer was the Summer of the Ducks.  I was obsessed with Mama Duck and her brood, marching around the barnyard in a long line.  I took the unhatched eggs into the house to hatch indoors and was able to return those babies to the family.  I want to build a pen for the family so I'm not quite so frantic over their well-being.  That will have to wait until later today.  Will ask Matt to hobble outside from time to time and check for babies.  He is able to get around a little and made it to the tiny cinder block Brookfield Town Hall to vote for his Republican congressman yesterday.  Yes, it's true.  He's one of "them."  

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