Sunday, June 22, 2014

Are You Using Protection???

With an accident-prone spouse laid up in the hospital with a serious foot infection from having stepped on my canning rack I am extremely mindful of adequate protection these days.  The prong on the canning rack went right through the sole of his Muck Book Wellington.  Well.....that won't happen again.  I purchased two sets of wool/alpaca inserts for his boots.  Ancient warriors wore felted wool armor which would not allow an arrow to penetrate the densely woven fibers.  Martha, the alpaca farmer, had these made with her own alpaca and offered them for sale at the Central New York Fiber Festival earlier this month.  They can be cut to fit his boot.  No nail, or prong on a canning rack, will push through these pads.  Now we'll wait and see what else befalls this man, who, earlier this year, dropped a big log on the same foot and crushed the toe.

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