Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Working for the Farm

Craziness rules here.  I don't know where anything is.  Boxes everywhere.  Yes, I have a real job off the farm that requires 100% of my abilities every day, but THE FARM is what it's all about right now.  Luckily I found four more round bales of hay from local hay broker, Wayne Tanney.  We rolled out the last one Sunday and my fields are not ready.  Somehow I have to get the bales in here right away, and two days of rain are forecast here.  Wayne doesn't deliver.  We'll have to take the old landscape trailer which was piled high with stuff.  Matt got it emptied and tires filled yesterday.   Picking up hay in the rain is not fun.  It's only four miles away and the hungry sheep won't care if it's slightly damp.  There's always something.   I really appreciate his help with this because I am packing for Maryland Sheep and Wool, the magnificent celebration of all things SHEEP!

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