Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Some things I'm thinking about to avoid distress about everything I have to do with limited time.

1.  I'm sitting down for a few minutes looking at the most beautiful hillside view in the whole wide world.
2.  A big white dog is tongue-washing the side of my face as I write.
3.  I'm sewing on luscious fabric that rich people paid hundreds of dollars a yard for, and I have stacks of it.
4.  It's cold and snowy outside but so pretty.  I love winter.
5.  The wood stove is blazing and there's a lovely stack of wood next to it.
6.  I don't have enough space to set out my soap to cure but I'll figure it out.
7.  I decided to ask a couple of people for help wrapping soap so I can do other things.
8.  The piggies are ready to go to Miss Tammy and I'll never have to worry about what's for dinner.
9.  Cyndi Lauper is on the Today Show - I've decided to dye my hair RED, well, maybe not.
10.  Father Aaron is coming to the farm this weekend before he reports to his new duty station in Az.

The snow will melt, the grass will grow, and the sheep will be fat and happy.

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Anonymous said...

Are you sure that picture wasn't from January? lol I remember Illinois (northern part) getting snow as late as Mother's Day. Enjoy that wood fire :) Helen :)