Thursday, May 01, 2014

Here We Go

I have too much product but that is okay.  I wonder if my little trailer will hold it all.  I've never worked to hard in my life.  Looking up the hill in the morning light with a line of white ducks parading across I'm reminded what I'm working for.  My little patch of Earth is so beautiful, and home to so many creatures that are depending on me.  Kim is on her way from Kingston, Ontario, to help me get this all together.  My little trailer will be bursting at the seams.  Coffee first, then go, go, go.


Anonymous said...

Good luck this weekend! Have fun. Helen

Sharon Dalton Williams said...

Hi Maggie,

It was great meeting you at the Sheep and Wool Festival yesterday (Sunday, May 4). I admire you for all that you're doing. I love my blue crafting bag! I wish you the best of success!