Thursday, April 17, 2014


Walking is my great stress reliever.  I call it my "spa treatment."   I don't take a single pill for any ailment, mental or otherwise, and have to remember to take my multi-vitamin in the morning.  I pride myself on staying healthy and away from doctors.  It's the Scandie in me I think.  I know what I need to do to keep the temple in shape.  The doggies tell me when it's time to get away from the sewing machine and get going.  Cooper runs to the door and barks when it's time for our walk.  The weather is delightful - for me, that is.  Cool and sunny, with little spots of snow on the ground.  Just right for a sweater - wool, of course.  I finished a messenger tote before I got dressed, then off we went for a little walk around the field before chores.  It was just what I needed to perk up and face the rest of the day.  A lone kitty followed us up the hill, one of Lizzy's beautiful calicos.

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