Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Just in Time

We just made it back from our hill walk in time for the rain.  Cooler temps today after a spike to 70 yesterday.  The bunsters much prefer this weather and so do I.   The sun and heat makes the grass grow so I'll deal with it, but this cool, rainy weather is great for wooly creatures and somebody who loves to wear wool, in any way, shape or form.  My bunnies need grooming but it will have to wait, along with so many other things, until after the big show next week.   I'm sewing, I'm working with soap, I still haven't started making Shepherd's Friend Hand Creme, or packing fiber sample bags.  I will have a busy weekend.  What gets done will get done and that is all.   We'll have a fabulous time in Maryland.  I'll come home and get Big Jim Baldwin over here to shear everybody and I'll have more wool to play with.  Summer is a great time to wash and dye wool.  The sun and breezes dry it so nicely.

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