Thursday, April 17, 2014

Piggies at Play

Scarlet and Sue Ellen are outside more than in now that the weather has turned for the better.  I knew this would happen.  They are Tamworths, also known as Irish Grazers, and graze they do.  These pigs would rather have roots and grasses than feed.  It is much easier for me to raise pigs in the winter, as I have the perfect long run between the wooden cow stanchions and the wall of the barn.  The girls have been breaking out of their run for some time now, which requires some creativity in getting them back in for feeding.  I prepare the slop and let them see me parading by with the buckets.  They start squealing and snorting among the sheep, and follow me around to the side of the barn where their pen is.  I have to undo the gate which I have tied up with rubber straps to keep them in.  They've broken out way in the back close to the barnyard but cannot get back in on their own.  I pour the slop then prop their gate open while going back to let them out of the sheep pen.  I swing the door open and they trot out, making a bee-line for the slop.  The girls are so big now they will be able to break down any gate they want soon.  It's time to go to Miss Tammy, but that fateful day will have to wait two more weeks until Maryland Sheep and Wool is over.  The trailer to transport them is full of last year's show stuff, which has to be sorted through and organized.  I just can't think about dealing with piggie processing right now.  I'm sure Scarlet and Sue Ellen won't mind.  They are having too much fun.

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