Sunday, April 20, 2014

Captain AJ Comes Home for Easter

We met AJ at Frankie's in New Berlin for dinner Friday night.  He drove up from Mia's in Madison, NJ, where he's been staying before he travels to Ft. Sill in Oklahoma for his active duty assignment.  AJ really likes the NY Pizzeria and their eggplant parm.  I had the grilled salmon and greens.  Splendid.  We chatted for a while, catching up on all the news, and the Holy Week activities including Passover in Randolph with the other side of the family.  We brought AJ back to the farm where he showed us his US Army Cavalry sword, presented to him when he left his Nevada unit.  We got AJ settled in Hannah's Celebrity Trailer, which we use for guests now.  AJ says it's very cozy in the trailer and took Tanner as his dog company for the night.  Thor, Finn and Knut are back outside now and did a good job of keeping the coyotes away for the night. I'm surprised Captain AJ got any sleep at all.  Saturday morning I made Swedish pancakes, the way my Swedish Opa, Knut Birger Alexanderson, made them for us when I was growing up.  We didn't make them out of fresh duck eggs, that's for sure.

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