Wednesday, July 24, 2013

What's on the Wheel

I would love to duplicate this run of  purple mohair, salmon wool and  turquoise angora.  I adore this fiber and won't sell any more of it.  Would love to get some socks made of this.  I can't possibly match this run because I never have the same amount of fiber, don't measure the pounds of fiber vs. dye, and should have the proper alignment of the planets, which is impossible to figure out.   I will get the dye pots fired up soon.  It's an incredible amount of work, sorting, picking and washing in preparation for dyeing.  Then the cooking starts, followed by more washing to get the dye residue out before the fiber is set out to dry.  Protecting it from cats, chickens and rain are also things to be considered. 
 Last night I was thinking I would swoon from the heat coming from the dye stove.  Today I'm turning off the fans and reaching for a fleece vests.  What heaven.  Much easier on the animals, too.  I lost one little goat in the heat wave and am thankful that's all. 

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