Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Luke and Comet

Comet has a loving mother, and a cute little sister, but he doesn't pay much attention to them.  Comet would rather follow humans around and wait for his bottle.  I know it's my fault.  When Comet and his sister were born their mama wasn't interested in nursing.  It took a while to coax her into the nursing mode.  It the mean time there were two tiny kids who needed sustenance. I took the "cheap insurance" route and gave them supplemental bottles.  The little female quickly learned that what mama has in her bag is easily accessible via teat and kept pestering her to nurse.  Smart little girl - but not so smart brother.  He would rather scream and scream until his bottle arrived, and I was willing to comply.  When Luke arrived he named the screamer Comet and took over bottle duties.  Comet loves Luke.  They bonded quickly and Comet follows him everywhere.  We all go up to the pond together, that is, when it's not pouring rain.  Yes, it's still raining, with serious local flooding.  Matt drove around for a couple of hours looking for a dry road to get home to the farm last night.  He saw a mobile home floating down route 12.  Farmer's fields are large ponds, destroying corn crops that cost a fortune to plant.  Hay crops, including mine, can't get harvested.   Down range implications can only be dire.  In the meantime, we are on high ground and the sheep are grazing on the rocky, and squishy, hillside.  Our pond has been  "flushed" several times.  The high pressure system that is drawing moisture to the northeast is parked off the coast and is not expected to move anytime soon. 


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