Saturday, July 20, 2013

Last Day

We decided to go to Button Falls for our last day activity.  We have not visited the waterfall all summer.  Julia, the dairy farmer who does my hay, owns the falls.  We called to make sure the bull is not out and it's okay to swim.   Julia herself was at the falls with her family.  Luke was able to climb the rocks and jump in the pool a few times while Julia and I chatted.  Hannah played with Julia's daughter.   Eric and Annie were on the way from Maine to collect the kids. They both start Boy Scout camp on Sunday.  Hannah will be a Counselor In Training and Luke will be a first level Boy Scout camper.   Luke wants to work on merit badges.  With his focus and enthusiasm I know I'll be attending his Eagle Court of Honor in a couple of years.   I wish I could keep them all summer, but those days are over.  The kids are growing up and will be moving on to other things.  I have Luke's motor bike here so I know he'll be back.  Hannah is 15 and will be driving next year.  The farm doesn't hold the magic for her anymore.  She was terribly homesick for her cat, Fergus, and the celebrity trailer is not the same as her girl-cave at home.  Hannah perked up considerably when her parents arrived.   It was still horribly hot last night, but cold front is moving in.  Thunder was rumbling as we sat outside and a light sprinkly drove us inside. I was hoping for another moonlight swim, but it was not to be. 

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