Saturday, July 20, 2013

Market Day

Hannah, Luke and parents took off for home in Gorham, Maine, near Portland, and I took off for the market.  Matt had gone early and set up for me.  It was good for me to get out of here after the kids leaving.  I have lots of "kids" here, but I still miss my human
 kids.  The market was slow at first, with other events happening around the area, and July 4th tourists gone home, but I did okay.  I sold a gun metal gray nubby tweed messenger to a very tall manly man.  It was a bit of surprise as this bag was the last bag I expected to sell today.  I really thought I would have it for Rhinebeck this fall.  I got the fabric from Sally Newhart Slipcovers in New Orleans.  The lining is from the Gunlocke haul courtesy of Crayonbox Designs.  Sometimes I hold fabric for years before I find the perfect lining.  This was a great match.   I am psyched to sew this coming week, with several totes cut out and ready to put together.  This time last year I was searching the tractor shed for fabric I brought with me from New Jersey.  Not this summer.  I have more beautiful cloth than I can possibly sew.   I have a mountain of fleeces to sort, and another  mountain of clothes to go through in my room.  I saved them from the possums in the tractor shed a couple of years back and never sorted them out.  Who knows what treasures I will find in there?   I drove home from the market in the rain.  A cold breeze is coming through the fan in the window, not a hot, moist, dragon's breath like yesterday.  I'm a little upset that ghastly heat lasted through Hannah and Luke's visit.  We can't do much about the weather, can we.

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