Friday, July 26, 2013

Random Thoughts in No Particular Order

The weather is lovely and cool this morning and I have the most wonderful foamy cappucino coffee in front of me.  I also have five dogs who need to go out and pee.  Woe is them for a few minutes.    The doggies are such good company.  After chores we all hunker down on the two big sofas and hang out.  I have one or two wedged up against me and they make little growls when the others come near.  I've never been so popular.  Money can't buy this kind of love.

The apartment smells divine thanks to the Diana Soap I made yesterday.  I made an extra strength batch of English Rose, to honor the first grandchild of Princess Diana, may her memory be a blessing in our lives.  I adore the soft rose scent, and often have people say, OH, this is so nice, that it reminds them of their grandmothers, or they want to put it in their nightie drawers.  It reminds me of the Crabtree and Evelyn stores I used to frequent when I lived in New Jersey.    AJ and Mia's teachers always got the Crabtree heart glycerin soap.  I've always loved soap.  It's the gift that keeps on giving.  This soap will be ready in a couple of weeks, depending on the humidity, etc.  It set up so quickly yesterday I couldn't get it in the molds and had to spread it out in a box lid.  Maybe it's Diana's life force helping it along.

Thor has a favorite kitty in the barn.  He's a little black and white Tom who reminds me of Hannah's Fergus.  The kitty rubs up against Thor with his back arched.  Thor nuzzles him all over with his big nose.  Thor can be very moody.  I saw him kill a cat that got near his food bowl.  One bite, kitty was gone.   This kitty appears to have captured the heart of his savage beast.

One of the North Side Duck gang is sitting on a nest in the hay mow.  Luke counted 17 eggs.  She likes to hang with her girlfriends (I think they are girls - hard to tell with ducks) and comes in for corn at chore time before going back to her nest. I thought the nest was abandoned but noticed the eggs were carefully covered with feathery threads of hay and down.  Chickens stay on the nest until they hatch.  Ducks take breaks apparently.  I bet the three friends will form another Mama Posse if these eggs hatch.  I adore the ducklings.  Thanks to Thor, Finn and Knut, along with Tanner who is another self-appointed bard yard guardian, the fox who lives behind the barn on the ridge stays away.   Tanner will stand in front of her den and bark for hours unless I bring her in.  It sounds like she's saying "Don't even think about it."

On deck for today - a new batch of Shepherd's Friend Hand Creme, which I enjoy making once I get the big set up done.  Lots of bottles and buckets requiring counter space which I don't have.   I may have acres and acres but I have a Manhattan kitchen.  Go figure.

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Linda in Waterloo said...

Very much looking forward to buying some Shepherd's Friend cream at Rhinebeck this year. I still have some of the sweet little glass jars with your award winning photo on top. Wonderful stuff!