Thursday, July 25, 2013


The weather gods have gifted us with a picture perfect day.  After a cool night where I closed the windows and turned off the box fans,  a clear, lovely day has dawned.  I will venture out to Norwich where I need to make several stops including the homesteader's store for lye and oils,  the sewing machine guy for drive bands, Haye's office supply for labels, and feed store for dog/cat food.   I might be tempted to stop at La Maison Blanche, where talented artists from Manhattan create incredibly delicious pastries for we upstate people.  I have two bags about to be assembled.  They are made from water resistant fabric, which I do not enjoy sewing on, but makes fabulous diaper or beach bags.  We walked the hillside in my LL Beaner nightie,  wandering through the grazing sheep who are wary of the dogs, but continue to eat - something I so enjoy doing, because I can.   Still amazed at how much clover and grass is on the hill.  Last year it was dust by now.   Once I get my lye I can make the Garden Rose soap I've been looking forward to.  It is not an essential herbal oil, which I prefer, but the smell is divine and I adore it.   There is something to be said for scent without a purpose.  I'm enjoying watching the morning shows, something impossible for me when school is in session.  I have to catch the news later in the day when there's a break in the action, which is when the kids leave school.  CNN has a new morning show, which I like. A little more emphasis on news instead of human interest but that's okay.  The moderators wear less sensational and sexually explicit clothing - arms covered and reasonably fitting.  One of them is a bit zoftig.  Like real life!  I don't like bare shoulders and cleavage on the news.  What a prude I've become.   Oh, Anthony, please bow out and start a homeless shelter or something.  How I will miss Mayor Bloomberg.  More coffee, morning chores, then out to see if my truck will start after five days of sitting idle.  Ain't it grand.  

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