Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Bag Jag

I'm sewing every day now.  What a joy to get up, make coffee, take the dogs out, check on the critters, and sit down to sew a while before chores.  I enjoy it so much.  I was down to less than half a dozen bags after Maryland, and am now building up my stash for fall shows.  With the influx of gorgeous fabric from Carol Crayonbox and Sally Newhart, I am good to go.  I'm working with some snazzy purple faux leather now and I like it.  Feels like buttah. 

 I will debut several bags at the Hamilton Market and see how they are received.  There are always nice bags around, but none of them have my pocket assembly inside, and most are not suitable for rugged use like mine are.  The weather is hot and sticky, with more rain threatening.  I set up a fan next to the sewing machine table and spend some time with my little black girlfriend. 

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