Thursday, July 04, 2013

Pause and Reflect

John Adams said there should be great fanfare and much celebration of our independence.  The more I studied history the more I began to realize the colonists were left alone so long - the concept of benign neglect - by England that ofcourse they considered themselves independent.   England did go to great lengths to secure North America for the English and not the French.  The English invested a lot of money in the colonies and wanted payback in the form of taxes and trade restraints.    Americans became resentful and wanted no strings attached to anyone.  And so it goes.  It will be a quiet day on the farm, with some fireworks tonight.  I don't care for them, truthfully.  The noise causes great anxiety among my dogs.  In past years a neighbor has put on quite a show.  We park our chairs on the hill and enjoy the lights.  Very hot and muggy here.  It was so ghastly cloudy and close yesterday that we stayed indoors with fans going full tilt.   Luke is like me.  He has so many little activities to amuse him he can stay put with no problem.  By the time dinner was over and chores were done we were so hot we climbed the hill, stripped down to our underwear and jumped in the pond.  It was 9:40 with the very last rays of sun sinking below the hills.  The humans and dogs were totally refreshed and invigorated.   When I piled my clothes, phone and glasses in the weeds I somehow lost track of my only headlight.  I felt around for a while but no luck.  Luke did a great job of riding his motorbike down the sheep trail in the dark, with me and the dogs following after.  I heard Luke say "I had a great day today. ' I worry about him being bored, or homesick, but he's just fine.  What a wonderful little companion he is.  Cheerios for breakfast, peanut butter on toast with strawberry jam for lunch, and white rice with chicken for dinner are his current  favorite things to eat.   In all likelihood we will be back in the pond again tonight, in better light, and maybe with bathing suits.

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Adele said...

Maggie - I love your bldg. and enjoy it so much - have read it for about a year - Adam is so fortunate to have the opportunity to be with you on the farm - what a gift that you are giving him - he can be still and not have money to entertain him and to be able to stop by the pond and jump in - what a memory you are giving him - one that money cannot by - I wish I had that opportunity with my grandchildren - bit city living does not give this and that is sad - thanks - Adele