Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Five new totes to take to the market on Saturday.  Need to build a bigger rack for the fall shows.  The doggies are being so good about taking extended naps and letting me sew between walks.  Sewing is also good for watching the Royal Prince coverage.  Can't get over how radiant and fantastic Kate looks after an extended labor and 8 pound baby.  The Brits are so good at getting women through childbirth without drugs and intervention.  No wonder she looks so good.  I bet there is another little royal before too long.  I can't imagine taking a baby home to such luxury and pampering.  Maybe that's why we are so in awe of them.  They look so normal but they are so fabulously wealthy.  Still, Dad has to go back to work in two weeks.  I read that Will and Kate's favorite supper is pork and beans on toast.  Impressive.   Kate has fingernails that look like mine, short with no polish.  I spotted a little gouge on her knuckle.  Maybe she does do her own housework?  Speaking of work, all this sewing, and spinning at night, is getting me behind in housework.  Need to sweep the floor in here, and rake the barn floor.  Miss my little man helping me and keeping me company with chores.  Need to do a big kitchen cleaning to get set up for making Shepherd's Friend creme.  When the baby coverage wanes I'll be out in the dye room.   Supper tonight - spring greens with crumbled bleu cheese, tomatoes, red onions, black olives with balsamic dressing.  I don't think I'll be tempting the doggies much with that salad.   The sun is back out and we'll get a good walk in tonight.  There must have been three inches of rain last night.   There is forty acres of cut hay flattened to the ground across the road.   What a shame.  Did they watch the weather report?  My second cut should be getting a good start with all this rain.  In August the hurricanes start coming up the coast and the sun will wane.  Fine with me except that school will start and I will have to leave the farm.  Don't want to think about that now...The barnyard is teeming with mother hens and their chicks.  My gosh, these moms are amazing, turning out their babies and, for the most part, keeping them alive amid all the hooved animals moving through them.  I have to watch where I walk and when I close doors.  I picked up one of the four baby ducks who fell behind the group today and was immediately threatened by the mother duck and her posse.  She has three girlfriends with her at all times making one adult for each baby.  It's been so wet lately that the ducks always have somewhere they can find water.  So nice not to have to worry about the ducklings drowning like the baby chicks.  I still put out fresh water every day in a garbage can lid and shallow pan in the driveway for them.  So cute to see four baby ducks together in a pan having fun.  When I approach with a camera the moms whisk them away.  I need a telephoto lens for Christmas!  

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