Wednesday, June 05, 2013


35 F. on the farm this morning.   Quite a switch from the nineties of the weekend.  The weather has been glorious the last three days - sunshine, cool temps and low humidity.  I could get used to this but don't dare.  Rain coming tomorrow through Saturday.  Looks like the first day of our Bouckville festival will be rainy.  Sunday will be lovely.  Everything is under big roomy tents but we would get more people through the gates with sunny skies.  Lots of soap to wrap and two Latin messenger totes on the machine right now.  Miss Fancy has started jumping out of her pen during the day when I'm at work and going out to graze with the rest of the flock when I open the gate upon arriving home.  I was quite worried about it last night but then I found her waiting next to the pen.  Same thing today but she's staying out longer.  I think the babies are a bit too young to let them out with her.  Maybe in a week or so.  I don't think they could make it up the big hill with Fancy.  They grow so fast it won't be long.    Hannah and Luke left without giving me the many goat names I need.  The white bottle boy is such a chow hound I can't believe it.  His sister is nursing so you would think brother would get with the program and take some too.  No, he would rather wait for his bottles - one in the morning, one after work and one night-night bottle.   He drains them dry in no time.  Everyone else, including my one little lamb, Cinco, is nursing the way nature intended.  Thank goodness. 

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