Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Find the Goaties!

Everybody said let the Nubian babies go.  They said Fancy will take care of them.  I was still reluctant to let them out of their baby pen.  Every night Fancy would come back to the pen for her cracked corn dinner and feed her babies.  Then Babette started wiggling out of the pen, leaving her brother behind.  Last night Matt said it's time to let them out.  We made an opening in the baby pen so they could go out when they are ready and come back in to nap in a familiar place.  I was still apprehensive.  These are my first Nubian goat kids and I adore them.  This morning I looked out the window and saw Bubba and Babette under the big pine tree with Knut.   They would dance around like little ballet dancers in the tall grass.  I went outside to check on everybody and found a group of goats in the hay mow.
With all the lush, green grass everywhere they turned, the curious goaties decided to eat the spare round bale I had stored in the mow.  They were jumping up on the bale and the trailer under it, like a kindergarten class on the playground.  I had to get ready for work, but I couldn't leave the tender scene.  Fancy was being a good mother, calling to her babies once in a while to make sure they knew where she was and to stay close.
Bubba and Babette are just three weeks old, but growing quickly.  I'm new to the milking business, and have to figure out the logistics of milking Fancy for me, and leaving some for the babies.  When school is out, in two days, I will figure it all out.  For now, I'm leaving them alone to enjoy this glorious weather and being alive.

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