Sunday, June 16, 2013


I met Sally Newhart at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival.  Sally was helping her friend, Julia Hildebrant, who makes the stylish industrial felt bags.  We struck up a conversation and Sally told me about her slipcover business in New Orleans.  Sally is also a published author with a book out about the history of a New Orleans band called  "The Tuxedo Jazz Band."   We started chatting about fabrics and I told Sally how I like to use high-end remnants for my bags and a new product called Yarn Pockets.  Yarn Pockets are basically a fabric box that holds a wound yarn ball and protects it from falling apart and getting caught on things.  Sally told me she often has scraps from her slipcovers and that she hates to throw them out.  Well, I don't have to tell you how happy this made me.  Sally offered to ship me the scraps for postage!    Since Maryland I've received two boxes full of the most beautiful luxurious fabrics.  My head is swimming with visions of what I will make with these lovely pieces.  It's fun to see what the New Orleans glitterati are  using to cover their furniture!  I really appreciate Sally's kindness and generosity.  Sally's fabrics, along with the great load of beautiful yardage recently purchased from Carol Crayonbox's friend John, will keep me busy sewing for the upcoming show season.  I'll make Bundaflicka Totes, needle cases, Yarn Pockets, and perhaps some electronic gadget covers.  I better oil up my machines.

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