Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Harris Tweed Jacket

I am new to Ebay, but decided to check it out to see if sheep people are putting their products online.  Lo and behold I found several vintage Harris Tweed coats and jackets on Ebay.  I'm a goner.  I adore this hand spun and hand woven wool yardage, from the Outer Hebrides in Scotland.   I search thrift shops for Harris Tweed clothing, and sometimes find these woven wool treasures for as little as $3.00.  Don't know why people would give them up but their loss is my gain.  I have a plan to design a Harris Tweed knitting bag but, as yet, have not had the nerve to put a scissor to a Harris Tweed.  Perhaps if I find one with holes I will, but they wear so well this has not happened.    As I was scrolling through some jackets on Ebay, I saw several and put them on my "watch and wish" lists.  I must have pressed the wrong button because I got an email that said thank you for your purchase of a man's Harris Tweed jacket and it's in the mail.  Please pay up.  Luckily it was $20 and not $200.  The jacket arrived yesterday, from Carson City, Nevada, and is drop dead gorgeous.  The creme colored wool has threads of denim blue running through it.  It looks like it's never been worn, and fits me perfectly with the cuffs rolled up.  I don't think I will be cutting up this baby.  It will look great with jeans in the fall.  I'm lusting after a vintage Harris Tweed man's overcoat on Ebay.  This time I will be careful as to what buttons I push.

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