Sunday, February 22, 2009

Up Early

Jackie woke me up at 5, scratching and banging on the door to the bedroom which had somehow closed during the night. Once I'm awake I can rarely get back to sleep. I forced myself to lie there anyway for a few minutes and ponder the past week and the week to come. Scary to think too far beyond. I tried to turn over and my right arm screamed don't move. I am devastated that when I need to do the most with my body it is not cooperating. The bales are heavier now and all this work with wool, pulling the fused locks apart, is using muscles I didn't know I had. I think it will take a while for the condroitin to work and I need more Advil. Better start using those Yoga videos Gretchen gave me. I have dyed a red run, a yellow run, a natural colored run and have started on a blue run. It will take a couple of weeks to get it all dried and will cost a bit of $$ to get it shipped to the carding mill. They will run it through their machines, blending the various subordinate colors with the main color, and bring it to me at Md. Sheep and Wool, saving shipping on the tail end. I have so much black wool, which I love blended with little bits of color, but I'm going for a brighter, colored booth this year. I hope I can sweet talk Beasty Boy into building me some shelves for the booth. He did help me yesterday with getting Baby Jane and her mother ready to leave their pen. I nuzzled and loved on that baby for a few minutes before putting her down. I may never catch her again! Now they are loose in the barn, with little Jane screaming for her mom whenever she ventures away. I got several German angoras sheared. OH, what a miracle fiber it is, and adds such softness and color interest to my roving. I hope Kimmie Cornerstone brings some to Maryland (hint, hint) as I can never have enough, even with all my bunnies. Cold and snowing outside but in here we are warm by the fire. I lit candles, too. Still pulling at the wool for the cobalt blue run. Glad I had all those dyes left over from last season. I buy them by the pound now - saves a lot of money. After this dye jag is over I'll get back to bags and soap. I never run out of things to do.

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Cornerstone Fibres said...

Hint received :) Fibre being accumulated for you LOL.

Kim and crew