Wednesday, February 18, 2009

She's Gone Back to NJ

Was it my imagination? Was she really here for a little more than 24 hours? What a simply wonderful visit. Mia arrived a day early - I had the message wrong - and I didn't even have time to clean. She didn't care, and we fell into our usual easy conversation about everything under the sun. Once we got the critters taken care of we motored over the Hamilton Whole Foods for lunch. Candace Cain, my "personal spinner" and now proud owner of a mini flock of BFL's, was next door working at the Hamilton Performing Arts Center. Mia and I wandered over there after lunch and were treated to singing and dancing skits along with lots of nifty paintings in the works. Since there is no school this week the place was full of kiddies - future entertainers buzzing about. We chatted with Candace and got the latest update on her sheep, who are busy gnoshing all day long on treats. On the way home we stopped at Mary's and had a visit with her horse, Slingshot, a beautiful Morgan mare. We brought home the wool shorn just that day. What a motherlode of fiber. Mia and I sorted through a couple of the fleeces while watching Billy Elliot and Mamma Mia. I made chicken soup from the carcass of the $13.00 Happy Organic Free Range chicken purchased from Adam Perrin at the farmer's market. I added organic kale purchased in Hamilton and OH, was it GOOD. Mia loved it. We went to bed happy and snuggled with the dogs all night. This morning I made eggs while Mia knitted and I wrapped soap. We fooled around until 10 AM, watching home movies of Christmas's gone by and ballet recitals. It was wonderful to hear my mother's voice again and see myself as the young mother of three beautiful children. After chores we went to lunch at Frank's in New Berlin. The snow was coming down and we thought she should get going. I'm always sad when Mia leaves. Saturday is Mia and AJ's birthday.

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Gretchen said...

sounds like you ladies had fun!