Sunday, February 22, 2009

Did I Miss One?

I have testicles on my mind this morning. No, not those kind of testicles. They are a distant memory, thank the Goddesses. I'm thinking about ram testicles. I have several pregnant sheep and, for the life of me, I can't think of how it happened. We took the rams out last August, and whenever we found a wether (neutered male sheep) we tossed him in with the rams to give more food to the ewes. I wonder if I missed a testicle when I put the bands on? I always make sure I have a hold on both when I put the band on. If I can't pull both testicles down through the elastrator (the device that spreads the band apart) I wait until the lamb is a little older, to give them a chance to drop down. If one stays up the lamb can still impregnate a ewe. Did I screw up? Something happened. I thought that my purebred ram, Wooster, who is light and athletic, might have jumped the fence...but as Matt pointed out, why would he jump back in with the other rams if he made it to Nirvana? Matt says they are not pregnant, and the tummies are full of this good second cut hay. I hope so.

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