Friday, February 27, 2009

Mercifully, It's Over

What a long, tedious week it was at school. Glad it's over. So many weird vibes, kids acting out, etc. Hoping it gets better next week. Warm and rainy all day, windy and cold tonight. I stopped and bought fish and chips for dinner at the local market but Matt was too tired to eat when he got home. He went comatose on the sofa and I did chores with Holly and Izzy keeping me company, along with the cast of hundreds. I love hanging with the sheep, goats, kitties and chickens in the barn. Hard to get lonely. Everybody looks happy and healthy. No surprise lambs - maybe they are just fat on the new second cut hay. Checking udders all the time - nobody bagged up. The girls don't like me sneaking in from behind doing a quick squeeze, but the sneaky reach is the only way I can do it without them taking off. Here it is, 11 at night, and I just finished chores. I'm spreading out wool to dry and heating up the fish and chips. The gusty wind is causing the fire to back puff and fill the apt. with black smoke. The empty hay mow is creaking in the wind. I'm going to pick another fleece, watch Bill Mahre, then Jay Leno while I sort through this lovely black fleece, then take my doggies to bed. Nighty-night.

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