Monday, February 23, 2009


The pulled muscle in my shoulder kept me up most of the night. Aspirin won't touch it. I gave up on sleep and went to my bath to soak in hot water but someone left the water heater off in the milk room when he ran the dryer and forgot to turn it back on. And it's wash hair day times two. The cold water didn't do anything for this injury. I can't brush my hair or pull my pants up. This is really going to be a great day. There is a nasty storm going on outside with horizontal snow and howling winds. What a lovely day to go back to work but it suits my mood. I'll get in my ancient Jeep and pray it doesn't break down or go off the road on one of the hills I go up and down on the way to Norwich. I know this is all my own doing but please, someone explain to me how I got in this situation.

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