Saturday, August 10, 2013

What's On the Wheel

I took the Logwood mohair and wool hand spun off the bobbin today.  Now I'll wash it in hair shampoo, or my organic lavender dish detergent, whichever is closer to me, and hang it up to dry.  Some people stretch the yarn so it dries straight.  I straighten out a little by hand but I like to let the natural elasticity stay in the yarn.  If you stretch it, then knit with it, you may have some surprises when you wash your garment.  The washing may let the yarn go back the way it wants to.  I'm thinking this yarn would be great for socks.  Mohair is very strong and keeps the heels from wearing out in socks.  Commercial sock yarn has nylon in it.  No need for nylon if you have mohair.  A woman at the market looked very surprised when I told her mohair comes from goats.  I told her cashmere comes from goats and she was blown away.  How could something so luxurious come from such a common animal?  I'm happy to inform the civilians about the wonderful world of natural fibers.

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