Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Hot and Humid

Made it up the hill to the pond but the dogs didn't want to get in.  Maybe the black clouds rolling in and the rumbling thunder they hear before I do told them maybe not today.  We made it back down in time to get the load of turquoise Merino off the drying rack.  I grabbed a branch full of apples for my old mama and her four month old wether Cinco (born on May 5).  She loved the hard little apples and the baby ate the leaves and branch.  I got the Merino in but the black clouds rolled by and no rain.  Oh well, it dried a little.  I am going to have a giant turquoise Merino felting batt for sale this fall.  I wish I could hear from the lady who bought one last spring.  I will try felting with it myself to provide a sample to show.  John at Frankenmuth will have to wash this again.  I just can't get Merino fully free of grease.  Maybe my water is not hot enough.  John knows just what to do.  I caught little Cinco in the milk room enjoying the opened bag of cracked corn with his mama.  Can't remember her name but then I am very forgetful these days. I keep telling myself it's the Lyme Disease that ate holes in my brain back in '96.  Maybe not.   Matt was home today so I asked him to hold the little wild guy so I could worm him and do his hooves.  It's so hot and humid we were both covered with sweat when finished.  I didn't pick a good day to get the dye pots going but here we are.  My goal is to get over 100 pounds dyed and carded.  NY State requires us to earn $10,000 to be considered a farm.  In New Jersey it's $500.  Go figure.  That's a lot of wool.  Once school starts and we lose the weather it will be harder to get it done.  I plan on selling raw fleeces at shows this fall, if I can get them picked.  Peppermint soap tonight.  Maybe if I sniff the peppermint oil it will help to jump start my energy.  Right now I could lie down and take a nap.  Maybe ten minutes will do the trick...

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