Saturday, August 03, 2013

My Basket Runneth Over

My hand spun basket is looking very healthy these days.  I enjoy putting it out at the Hamilton Market.  I always spin in the booth, and when people say, What are you doing? I can point to the basket.  Most people have absolutely no concept of how their clothing is made, or the basic idea of loose fibers being twisted to make them strong.  I sometimes remind them of the suspension bridges, like the Verrazano, and the twisted cables that hold it up.  I don't sell a lot of handspun because I won't give it away, but I still like to show it off.  Frankly, I don't care if it ever sells.  It doesn't go bad and I will knit with it someday.   I've heard people muttering about a Joann's coupon they are going to use on yarn, or they have no idea what to do with yarn.  I had one customer buy a skein of mohair to "put on her coffee table in a basket" because she thought it was so beautiful.  You hear all kinds of things at the farmer's market.  I love displaying my yarn at the market because it reminds me of just how unique and special it is.  At the big shows, most people know what handspun is all about, but they need large amounts of a single run of machine spun yarn to do a big project.  I completely understand.  My skeins are for small projects, or maybe a vest.  I fill up my bobbins as much as I can without a break in the yarn.  I love to pull my wheel over to me when I'm tired and want to spend some time on the sofa, but still want to feel productive.  In the meantime I will filling up my basket and play with the skeins, like toys, and fondle them.  Handspun only gets softer with handling, especially the skeins with a little angora.  Manna from heaven.

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