Saturday, August 03, 2013

Love Linen

I've really enjoyed sewing on this heavy, luxurious natural colored linen from New Orleans.  I only had enough for a knitting tote and a Yarn Pocket.  I set out the Yarn Pocket with a lovely ball of variegated handspun and a set of Mei-Mei needles.   I didn't notice anyone looking at it, but the linen/damask tote I finished yesterday sold as I was setting up.  Lots of looking at the other bags, but no takers.  The day was a success, all in all, with some wool sales.  My earnings went straight into the local economy, as the market is my summer job, and the animals (and humans) like to eat.  Home to a lovely walk up to the pond in the most glorious weather we've had all summer.  I would like to spend some more time on this sofa, but Comet is calling to me from outside and I have to make his bottle.  I only give him two a day, as I want him to eat this lush green grass.  Tough love, I know, but he's growing nicely and doing just fine. 

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