Friday, August 02, 2013

Big Boys

I have four big monster wethers (sheep speak for neutered males) loaded with wool.  What's wrong with this you ask?  I'll tell you what.  These wild, and very athletic,  bad boys are carrying huge fleeces that should be in the bag and not on their backs.   At my spring shearing I had four big strong men, not including the shearer, Big Jim Baldwin, here to catch and handle the sheep.  I pay top dollar so you would think the helpers, all former students, would be especially enthusiastic.  When 46 sheep had been shorn, four big black monsters were left.  The guys were done in.  In a moment of ridiculousness and bad judgment I gave in to their whining and let them off the hook.  In retrospect, which is all so clear, I should have refused to pay them until the four outliers were taken care of.  I will get Jim back to shear them, and some goats, before the fur (or wool) starts flying in the fall.  This is a sheep farm and wool is my focus.  It doesn't do me or the farm any good for this lovely black fleece to be getting sunburned and rained on out in the field.

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