Monday, August 12, 2013

Bubble, Bubble

I love to overdye dark fiber.  This black mohair from my "Monkey" will be divine...

Monkey (Velvet) is the grand dam of the goat flock.  She is a miracle goat, after coming back to life when she was rejected by her mother, Celeste, and I found her frozen on the barn floor.  I was still living in the camper at the time. I put her on the oven lid in the milk room thinking I would find her still flat out in the morning.  Instead, I found her standing up in the laundry basket looking for her first meal.  She's been giving me lovely black mohair ever since.  Monkey has some "baggage."  She's had two sets of twins and rejected one of them, sadly, both does.  Something in her little monkey brain tells her to do the same thing that happened to her.   Animals are so much like people.  They want to parent the way they were parented.

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