Monday, December 26, 2011

New Moon

I don't know where the day went.  I decided to make Mia a batch of Shepherd's Friend Hand Creme to take back to New Jersey.  Her co-workers are always needing a jar for their chapped nurse's hands.  Mia helped me catch three goats and work on them today.  She doesn't mind holding their horns while I clip mohair and doctor hooves.  We have the nicest conversations about all kinds of things - her patients and their families, co-workers in the hospital, etc.  There is always drama in a hospital setting.  I love hearing her stories.  It's incredible to me that someone loves to hang with me and my animals.  She really gets the farm thing, and shares it with me.   The day flew by as we worked and soon it was time for Mia to pack up and start her 4 hour ride back to New Jersey.  We marveled at how lucky we've been with this mild weather, not having to worry about driving up to the farm and back.  Since Frank's NY Pizzeria was on Mia's way out of town, we decided to have our favorite eggplant parmigian for dinner.  What a lovely time we had, eating the delicious food and chatting with Frank.  Mia took off and I motored back to the farm, somewhat dismayed at the fact that it was me and the critters again.    There was a large, round gray silhouette of a moon in the sky, with a glowing orange crescent new phase rounding one side.  Venus glowed brightly to the west of it.  Living on the farm, in the middle of nowhere, leaves one the opportunity to ponder the celestial bodies and be reminded of our insignificance and short time on earth.  After a very brief time of sitting and staring I set about doing chores and here I am, in for the night at nine o'clock.  I have two very dirty and gnarly baby soft Bluefaced Leicester fleeces to pick apart.  Everybody is good for the night. 

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