Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Cold and windy with some icy/rainy snowing.  The puppies are prancing and playing on the floor.  I'm loving this cute stage and thankful I can be home with them for a few days.  AJ called from Atlanta saying he's about to board a flight to Newark.  He'll pick up a rental and drive up from there.  I hope it's a sturdy vehicle but I doubt it.  AJ is a good driver but he also likes to get where he's going.   We're going out to dinner tonight with Beastie Boy.  Very much looking forward to it.  I'll try to get some things done in the Maggie Cave today, but for now I have a lovely black Bluefaced Leicester fleece on the floor, shielding it from the puppies as I pick at it.  There's another cup of foamy cinnamon cappucino in the microwave waiting for me.  I have five big blocks of Patchouli soap to cut up and set out to cure.  It's garbage day so I'll have to suit up and get it down the lane to the dumpster.  The bottles are ready for Joseph and Gabriel.  My four lambs are growing like crazy and eating hay.  I'll have to pull their sweaters off them soon.  I'm sure Sidewinder, my angora goat with a crooked spine is pregnant.  I'll catch her and put her in a pen so I can keep a close eye on her.  With this loooong barn that has no light at the end an animal can give birth and I wouldn't know right away.  With temps diving tonight that could be problematic.  I make sure I walk the entire length of the barn each day.  Thank you Lord for my big barn, but it does present challenges. 

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Henya said...

This sounds so nice, cosy and wonderful (besides the ice rain and the snow part). But I can practicaly see you siting there with your fleece, shelding it from puppies and wish I could give you a hand picking over that yummy wool.