Saturday, December 31, 2011

Have a Happy

I took the very last, I mean the very last, of the piggies out of the freezer for a New Year's Day pork loin roast.  This roast has travelled a bit.  When the power went out for three days at the end of August, I took what was left of Winkin, Blinkin and Nod over to my school and stashed it in my classroom freezer.  It took three trips from the parking lot in HOT weather but I got it done.  I figured my students would enjoy the bacon, ham and ribs and I would enjoy watching them feast.  Better than tossing bad meat.  I journeyed home to find the power back on.  Oh, well, we did enjoy it, with students cramming half a pound of thick sliced bacon in their mouths at a time, and aromas wafting through the wing driving people crazy with hunger.  The one piece that was left when I prepared to go home for Christmas holiday was this pork roast.  Figured I would share this with my family.  I miss the piggies.  They were the easiest and cheapest animals I have ever raised with the greatest return for my efforts.  It was very gratifying to carry those buckets of slop and see it disappear with grateful grunts and snorts.  I hated to see them go to the abbatoir five months later but they were as big as Volkswagens and going any where they wanted to go on the farm.  I came home to find them roaming the farm, and the Sister's flower beds, one day and stood at the bottom of the driveway with a big stick to keep them from going in the road.  The stick didn't phase them - they could have knocked me right down, but they liked and respected me and stayed put, lying on the grass with Izzy standing guard.  I finally got them back in their pen with a bucket of corn.  No more piggies, and that's okay.  I understand why so many people raise them.  Happy New Year everyone.  I hope your coming year is juicy sweet and delicious.

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