Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Chores

It may be Christmas but the animals still need taking care of.    I couldn't resist asking my very willing farm girl helper to assist me with some hoof care.  While I had Monkey's boy, Jon-Jon, captive I couldn't resist getting some of the thick, lovely mohair off him to feed my dye pots.  I left his chest and neck covered for protection from the cold.  The boys have two shelters to huddle in from the cold - one, a silo room and the other a section of the barn where they can see their girlfriends (but can't have them).  Mia is so much fun to work with. She loves the farm and chores are never work to her, but a way to help her mommy and be with the animals.  We caught several boys for hoof care.  Now that the ground is icy and hard the goat hooves will be better off. 

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