Saturday, December 24, 2011

Jersey Boy with the Irish Tattoos

Matt and I went for a bite at Panera in New Hartford before seeing Girl With the Dragon Tattoo at the Marquee Cinema.  Matt was very impressed with the fact that Lisbeth Salander rode around on a 350 Honda, identical to the one my son Eric gave Matt ten years ago.  I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, although I thought it could have been cleaned up a bit and still have the same intrigue and impact.  Oh, well.  I'm looking forward to seeing it again when it comes out on cable.  We had a bit of sushi before heading home to the farm.  I thought I would find Matt in the tractor shed stroking the 350, but so far not yet.  I have to figure out how to clean up this place and get a Christmas tree in the next couple of hours.  I used to obsess about Christmas weeks in advance, but now I seem to have gone in the other direction.  With school, sheep, slinging bales, soap, creme and puppies, there is not much left of Maggie to go around.  Let us not lose sight of the real meaning of Christmas - loved ones big and small.

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