Friday, December 23, 2011

A Little Snow

Had a nice surprise this morning...a surprise dusting of snow.  This warming trend continues with more rain than snow.   It's miserable as far as muddy conditions go.  I feel so sorry for the animals stuck in the muddy fields with that soaking iciness coming down on them.  A hard freeze with a lovely snow pack to walk on is much easier on them.  If I could I would bring them all in my wonderful, old, classy dairy barn.  It's cold as heck but the animals are dry and out of the wind, on a hay pack that soaks up the pee.  Sure I would love a new modern barn with hay feeders and freeze-proof watering facilities, but this is what I have, and a new barn would not be nearly as beautiful when coming over the hill from Brookfield.   I got the dogs out and puppies fed, a messy process as I am grinding up kibble in the blender and spoon feeding them mush.  They are a bit too little to put the bowl in the box with them.  As it is much of it ends up on me, with Reba sitting next to me licking it off the baby's faces as I wiggle little spoonfuls into their wrinkly jowls.  I'm anxious to get them on dry food so Reba can dry up and the little ones can go to their new homes.  I'm a bit overwhelmed with yet one more animal chore.  My day will be spent trying to clear the decks here and get ready for Christmas, as humble as it will be here on the farm.

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