Thursday, December 22, 2011


Gifts come in many packages.  I received some lovely Christmas gifts in school today and I am very, very grateful to my friends at work for being so kind and generous.  I came home to find gifts of another kind in the hay rack Darryl Parkinson built for me - a nest of chicken eggs.  Several of the free range birds think this rack is rather cozy as I've had some in here before.  Works just fine as long as I don't toss a heavy bale of hay on top of the eggs.  I've been taking eggs to school every morning to make scrambles for Mr. Potter and the students.  My duck eggs are great for that purpose, as they travel well with the hard shells and I get a LOT of food in one egg.  Sometimes I have TWO giant yolks in one duck egg. I've provided the ducks with bins to sit in which they utilize for almost every egg laying.   I get a thrill with each laying of a duck egg after a year of having them hidden from me all over the farm, but I still appreciate the little chicken eggs in the hay rack.

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