Saturday, December 31, 2011

1946 Ford 8N

My very first tractor arrived on the farm today.  Matt has been working on it for a year or two now in his friend, Ron's, garage in Syracuse.  This tractor will enable us to get those awful thistles mowed as they come up and take better care of our fields.  Long range plans include hay making equipment (yes, you can make hay on a small scale with an 8N) and a generator that can be powered by the tractor.  Matt says if cars were built as well as these little tractors we'd drive them forever. 


Cornerstone Fibres said...

That's awesome -way to go Matt!!!!! I can see Maggie bombing away on the tractor with Izzy watching and riding along the way :)

Anonymous said...

Hay???? Small scale indeed.LOL
Tell Matt to get a grill on that thing before he pokes a hole in the radiator.

Anonymous said...

That tractor is not a Ford 8N! That is a Ford 2N!