Sunday, February 08, 2015

Three Little Pigs

The piggies have landed on the farm.  With the ominous weather forecast for the next couple of days, we decided to fetch the piglets from the Montgomery's farm in Unadilla Forks.  I prepared the large indoor pig run and off we went.  The piggies screamed for their mama, and she protested loudly, as pig mamas do. One by one, Natasha, Neville and Nigel were placed in the rabbit cage in back of my van for the five mile ride to their new home.

The piggies were curious about their new home, and wandered around the long pen, tiptoeing into the darkness at the end.  I mixed them some warm slop,  and they licked at it, suspiciously at first, but then with more gusto.  I also gave them some dairy pellets, which is what they were being fed at their home, along with mother's milk.  The piggies much preferred the warm slop.

We put the piggies to bed with lots of fluffy fresh hay.  This morning I tiptoed out and found the three little pigs sound asleep in a nest they made for themselves, lying side by side to keep each other warm through the night.  They didn't notice me at all until the chickens and roosters squawked around them and woke them up.
I'll feed them three or four times a day for a couple of weeks, then cut back to two times a day.  They will always have fresh hay and water available.  This will be the fourth set of pigs I've raised, very successfully.  I like the idea of spoiling them and making them happy before the inevitable happens.  I've had people at work say they are shocked that I would eat my pigs....but I am supporting humane, healthy agriculture instead of the commercial market which is neither humane, nor healthy, for pigs or humans.

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Anonymous said...

Hi maggie, What do you ;put into your slop that you mix up. I am getting a pig for the freezer and down here, in AZ they just feed them hog grower.