Friday, February 27, 2015

Give Us a Hug

My beautiful Margot, Bluefaced Leicester/Border Leicester ewe, first time mom, just can't get used to a lamb pulling on her teats.  She does not try to hurt her lamb but she does gently butt him away, kick at him, and lie down so her teats are hidden under her voluminous fleece.  She is beautiful enough to get away with this behavior, as often happens with beautiful women.  I was tying her to a post and standing next to her, leaning on her so she couldn't prevent him from nursing.  Now all we have to do is give her a hug and she stands still.  Sandy is so spunky and leaps around the pen playfully.  He will dive under her and try to nurse as if to steal some milk before she can move away.  I offered him a bottle to supplement his milk but he doesn't like it.  I think he has some oral dysfunction as his tongue can't quite latch on to the Pritchard's teat.  It slides all around the nipple and sticks out on either side.  Maybe he's acting like a "special lamb" so I'll get frustrated and put him back in the pen where the real nipples are.  What a smart little guy.

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