Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Hot Box Lamb

I found this little girl flat on the hay this morning.  She was fine at 1 am barn check.  I suspect she was nursing on the side dry side of mom's udder.  Her sister is fine.  I've got her in a copy paper box from school, in front of the wood stove, with a heating pad underneath.  I nursed out Margot, the young ewe with the ram lamb, and gave it to this baby along with Nutri Drench.  She was able to swallow which is much easier than tubing her.  I'm hopeful I can bring her back.  Breeding older ewes is very tricky. Many lamb just fine, but the babies are not as viable as the lambs young mothers produce - kind of like humans.  I won't put her back with mom for fear of a repeat.  Looks like I've got myself a bottle baby.  Wish I had a milking goat but my Nubians won't give birth for a while.  We'll see how it goes...In the mean time Cooper is standing guard. No cat or dog dare come near.

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