Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Nigel and Neville

Spouse said no more pigs.  We had let Scarlett and Sue Ellen get way too big and go into heat.  They broke out of their pen so much we let them stay out and live with the sheep.  He stepped on my canning rack and developed a life threatening infection which required two hospitalizations.  It was up to me to deal with the pigs, who by then had the run of the farm.  Mary and Robert stepped in to help and the girls were in the freezer before they could hurt anybody or cause a traffic accident.   No more pigs.  Then, seven months later, his friend "gave" him a pick up truck with the condition that we raise a pig for him.  Guess who told me to find some pigs.  Well, easier said than done.  Pigs are really big now.  As soon as pigs are posted for sale then whoosh they are gone.  These pigs were posted online yesterday afternoon.  I called but they wanted cash in hand and, although the farm is five miles away, the tractor was stuck in a snow bank along with Matt's car.  There was no going anywhere last night, and we were off to work this morning.  I thought I lost these piggies but two males were left and tonight I claimed them.  I'll call them Nigel and Neville.  They are Tamworth/English Spot/Berkshire crosses and absolutely adorable.  I have the perfect winter pig run between the wall and stanchions on the north side of the barn.  The pigs can run races a hundred feet long.  I love raising pigs.  I wish I had found a boar for Scarlett and Sue Ellen.  I would have piggies galore now.  

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